Friday, October 05, 2007

100 Seitersweg

Well, for a good period of my childhood, I dreamt of living in a small hut in the middle of a forest or grass patch or a field. In my imagination, the field was a green grass one with fruit trees here and there and my home, a small hut, sat in the middle of it. Just outside my home was a pristine white tea table and my mom clad in her typical simple sky blue cotton saree served tea and hot bhajji and vadas on my dream tea table....!

This, was my dream home. When my school bus dropped me off, I would take the grass route instead of the pavement route to my home. I closed my eyes and imagined I was walking to my dream home through the field sometimes and forest at other times.

Now ...100 Seitersweg ..

When I first reached germany, I landed there alone and knew not a single soul. I was tremendously lonely and I badly needed to make friends with english speaking people till i got a hang of the german language. During break time at work, I vigourously browsed the net for people living in my city whom I could make friends with. Responses were slow and things were still bleak. Till across my brain flashed an idea! I had heard that Sai baba bhajan groups are wide spread and found in most countries and perhaps there would be a Sai Bhajan Centre in my city or somewhere nearby, and thr I could get to know people. So I did the regular search for that and wola! found it.. So I wrote to Robert, the president of the centre and his reply was as follows:

SAI RAM dear Raji,

i am not in germany in the moment and will come next week back to Darmstadt. Of course you are wellcome to join our Group, will be happy to meet you when i am back. Here is the adress, where we are singing:

Seitersweg 100

Maybe i can contact someone else, whom you could ask to find the way. Our singing is every thurstday as usual at 19:30h. Will write you again, as possible.

Nice greetings and
Sai Ram

I awaited Thursday eagerly as I printed out maps to find my way. Thursday evening, I left my office sharp at six and made my way to 100 Seitersweg. I found my way somehow asking around and using the map to 1 Seitersweg and from then on followed the house numbers. I reached 99 and then realised there was no 100 next to it, instead the beginning of a field.

Confused, I had to only continue walking because there was no other way to go. And as I walked I began loving it and realized that it was nothing but my dream home materialising!! In the cold winter of -15 degrees, the long walk along the fields was divine (and a little scary I must admit!). As I neared the end of the field and saw the fence that probably marked the 100th house finally,my heart began beating faster!

The fence had a small wooden door only to my height..the number 100 was scribbled on it with chalk.. As the fence was covered from the other side by extensive growth of trees, the house that I had been unable to see came into clear view as I looked through the door.. Mann!! Was it be-auti-ful. It was a mini brown house (also a lot like the chocolate cake house in hansel and gratel) and by its side sat my dream white tea table. Portions of snow had gathered in random places on the roof. I stood watching the house and struggled to absorb it all at the same time. I followed a foot path that led to the house and to the door. As I entered the really small and cosy house the warmth comforted the loneliness I had faced all this while. I left my coat and bag in a room and entered the bhajan room.

There, in the front portion of the room was a big picture of Sai Baba, and three big candles had been lit making the whole atmosphere oh-so-serene. At the side was a small fire place where someone was renewing wood pieces. The fire led to a small "stove" that contained a big pot of water. The steam from the boiling water helped heat the room. I loved the simplicity and the serenity of the house. The warm faces of the people gathered there were welcoming, and before I knew it I was part of them.

I went every thursdays for bhajans. They loved the way I sang bhajans (not that it was great, just the fact that I was indian i think!) and before long I was singing every week and for them who were family to me there! We celebrated Shivarathri together and before long summer had arrived. We had an unforgettable summer fest!!

I miss 100 Seitersweg and the Sai family in Darmstadt!

Thats robert below..!

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