Friday, November 04, 2005

Post Deeparaya

Hi guys,

This week was a festive week indeed! Happy Deepavalli and Hari Raya! I had a really good Deepavalli this time and would blog about it when i get the pics i took on that day.

Yesterday was a hectic day. Had so much to complete in the morning..and then had to go to school to do my alien project. Actually, I am a little disappointed with the way things are going for the project. I had expected much much more and things are just not going right at all. I think Eugene should know what I am talking about. I am frustrated about projects and kinda have had enough of them this semester. Too many projects and group work. It was great in a way because most of my group members for most of my projects were really good..but teamwork is a different realm altogether.. ! Was a new experience for me.

The later part of the day was pretty rewarding actually. Went to meet Kalai for a drink and we had so much to catch up from the past. Too busy to meet anyone or call for a chat in the past few weeks so it felt good. A refreshing break.

Went home and slept like a dead log. Today morning up and alive again to finish up the final part of my EE3001 project report and my alien project powerpoint. okey dokeys.. enough of grumblings for today's post.. will put up the deepavalli post with pics really soon. Take care guys..

and oh ya.. I got my employment pass in Germany done. So i will be getting my employment letter from Degussa really soon i think. One by one things are getting sorted out. Pretty exciting too..just tt i will miss all of u guys!