Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Beauty in Imperfection

I sit here in the morning at 4.30, 2 days before i leave this lovely country.. reflecting.. Just as a very naughty child who looks so naive and innocent during his sleep, my normally bustling and noisy hostel is so silent and beautiful in the early morning, that i cant but appreciate the immense beauty and meaning it holds to me... I am gonna miss Karlshof (my hostel)..

How do i describe it? Highly untidy.. There is no wall with no graffity on it..

The lifts .. in some of them, even the buttons are invisible because some people have even found some stuff to draw ON the buttons.. And every friday and Saturday nights, the whole Karlshof stinks of alcohol, and u see broken alcohol bottles all over the floor..

My building is block 10C. The first building you see when you walk from the bus stop to Karlshof. In between the busstop and 10C, there is a small 'forest' of various trees Summer, with flowers..

Just on the other side of this 'forest' and somewhat behind my block is a punkhouse. This is where many punks in Darmstadt(the city where i live) are housed. Harmless and imperfect as they are, i find many punks unique in their own ways. Colourful and attention seeking in the way they dress, and quiet and mysterious in the way they are.. They certainly stun me in many ways..

On the other side of my block and between 10C and 10A is the famous Exil...the discothek of Karlshof..happening and wild..:) .. A place i would never forget..

My darling WG (Wohn Gemeinschaft..).. Well, here in germany, there is a concept of apartment sort of thing with 4 rooms and a common kitchen and bathroom. This apartment is called the WG.

My WG is very special to me.. When i was alotted to it, I was told that it was the untidiest WG in Karlshof, and that I was going to have the toughest time because they were all guys and tidiness was probably the last thing i could expect from them.. But when I moved in, and settled down..there couldnt have been something more that I could have asked for.. Lovliest and most caring neighbours.. providing me with day to day entertainment..Dirty as the WG was, it is really dear to me..

Imperfection... has its own beauty...