Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My first blog entry

Hey guys gals babes dudes dudettes beauties and beasts,

This is my first ever blog..first time ever writing down stuffs that happen in my life..I have never owned a diary..not as a kid..not as a as an adult(new one) ... thinking of having an online one like this..haha.. I dunno how this is gonna work out. knowing me it may not even continue after a period of time.. or mayb i might like this experience so much that instead of picking up the phone and smsing or calling and disturbing someone to report happenings in the day I might just type it all out here.. Everyone and anyone can read this and post comments..

And i know the title of my blog sounds soooo egocentric.. but u know ttz not what i mean.. All about me..and me is made up of all my friends.....!(eee so mushy)..ok..anyway it was not intended to sound egoistic..just for fun..could not think of any other

haha.. Hope this works ppl!!

Love and hugs and regards,