Monday, September 24, 2007

2nd Anniversary and Birthday!!

Hey there!

Today is an especially blue Monday. Rainy day + first day of the week syndrome + Hangover from a really exciting weekend!

Well for one.. Its been 2 years since I started writing my blog. My first blog was just a few days after my 21st birthday, September 22nd 2005, I am proud of it .. its still alive and kicking with 33 posts.. I dunno if people read it but it still survives on my excitement and cranky mood swings!

So other than the 2nd anniversary for my blog, day before yesterday was MY 23rd anniversary (i.e. birthday)!

Well, Friday night I had odissy class as usual, went home and hit the bed, it had been a very tiring day! Well at 12, among the calls I got wishing me was Bhav’s. “Happy Birthday. Could you open the door?” I was sleeping in the hall with the windows open and realized I smelt smoke. Awww.. I thought as I opened the door and saw her with a cake and candles all lit. So she had a chance for solo performance as she sang the birthday song and I blew the candles. I was so touched.

The rest of Saturday was pretty normal. Spent time mostly with my family. We had a nice family dinner and did the usual temple stuff. Met Div at North point. And we had our usual small talk, cursed a few guys for being mean and insensible (our usual venting session), had some nice ice cream at Swenson’s. A nice evening meet.

Sunday Evening, Anita (dance friend) had called me home for “birthday lunch”. I went over, and everything seemed normal till Anita got “the call” when, well I guessed it a bit. So sorry guys..hehehe.. And then when I saw the quantity she had cooked my doubt confirmed itself. Heheheh.. But well, when the door bell rang and I opened the door to a group of excited dance mates and an enticing cake I was very very touched. There was all the usual hugging and the wishing and gossiping and eating. It was super duper fun. Thanks anita, aruna, kalai, bhav, devi ma, mal and serena!!!

Overall, awesome birthday weekend.

Loves in Loads!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

For The Cynical ...

  • Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock!
  • To Err is human, to forgive is not company policy
  • The road to success? always under construction
  • Alcohol doesn't solve any problems, but if u think again, neither does milk
  • In order to get a loan..u gotta prove that you don't need it first!
  • All desirable things in life is either illegal, expensive or fattening
  • If at first you don't succeed? ..Then destroy all evidence that u even tried!
  • You can never decide which side of the bread to butter.. If it falls down it always lands on the buttered side
  • As soon as u mention something.. If its good its taken.. if its bad? It happens!
  • If u come early the bus is late, if u come late? The bus is still late!
  • When in a queue the other line always moves faster, and the person in front of u has the most complicated of transactions!
  • If u have a paper u don't have a pen, If u have a pen u don't have paper. If u have both? No one calls!
  • The door bell or the mobile always rings when u r in the bathroom

No more cynicism for the day!

- Raji

Monday, September 10, 2007

....It's just one of those days....

I woke up today feeling all rotten..

Why won’t she reply to my sms? Why can’t she stop bugging me? Why is she not even bothering to call? Why on earth is she so stuck up?? Amma!! Just stop nagging me for God’s sake!! Why isn’t this woman walking fast enough? Did she HAVE to come and bang me?? Why cant he give up his seat for that old man?

Sounds familiar?


Its just one of those days..
When u’ve gotten up on the
Wrong wrong bad side of the bed

Its just one of those days..
When everything seems wrong
When your best friend seems irritating
When your mom seems naggy
When your collegues seem to be angry with you

Its just one of those days..
When crowded trains make you want to scream
When an accidental hit gets you staring angrily
When seemingly inconsiderate people get you steaming

Its just one of those days..
Its a crazy one day of many..
That I’m glad occurs every once in a while
For it makes me thankful for all the many days
That I’ve been always happy and cheerful

because i love my best friends
and I have got very caring parents
coz' i live in a warm country with excellent transport
coz' its not everyday that's just like one of those days!