Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bye Bye NUS!

And the time has come to bid my beloved university a farewell!

As I unbelievably look back at how fast 4 years had sped .. I reflect upon the changes that have occured in me. June 05th 2003;- I recieved a letter in my post.. that confirmed my admission to NUS, Engineering Department. The wave of joy that hit me, is one never to be forgotten. Young, reckless and childish was what I was when I began my first day in NUS, 11th of August 2003. I had promised my father that I was going to support myself financially, for the four years of undergraduate study. I carelessly took up tuition students, enrolled myself in several dance programmes as well as several Extra curricular activities at school and tried to juggle them with the new education system in NUS.

The first month in NUS introduced me to my worst nightmare of C programming and I promised myself at the end of the semester that I was never again going to do anything with programming.. Alas, after 4 years in NUS, I am vigourously looking for software related jobs! things change! The results of my first semester was suprisingly good!

Slowly I learnt to cope with disappointments and difficulties, hardwork and sometimes easy luck, smart ways of getting things done and focussed goal oriented hard work.. Semesters sped by.. Beginning of semester normally began with promises such as "I am going to study every module from day 1" (which of course was not implemented beyond week 2),,.. Mid sem break, a hurry burry of 10s and 1000s of CAs..and before we know it .. End of semester examinations.. Social life in NUS though was fantastic.. as i met people from various backgrounds and learnt so much from them..

Then came the semester of Exchange to germany..where i learnt and saw so many new things.. my first winter, first time to a place where i knew noone, first time in a non english speaking country, first time in a hostel..and a whole new first times...That was my 21st birthday gift..Where i really saw myself transform into an adult.. from the innocent ideas i had about life and the world that blindfolded me from all evil, as well as to the world of possibilities. There in germany i lost my blindfold..

Before i knew it, i was in my final year, doing my last projects.. Then too I learnt alot as you might have known from my previous posts..

Woa .. What an amazing 4 years.. Unforgettable and sweet in my memories.. The only and beautiful remains.. my friends whom I hope to always keep in touch with!

Now, here I am ..facing the world of possibilities and insecurities.. What sort of job am I going to get? Where is my life going to head towards? What and where is my tomorrow? Confused, insecure, excited and anticipating.... I wait.............