Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Want Anything?".."erm.. Whatever!"

How many of you ask your friends where they want to go and they reply "Anything la anything"! The words "anything" and "whatever" have become so part of Singa Lingo that a start up marketing company Out Of The Box have intelligently (and rather lamely) capitalized this...

The anything drink comes in 6 different flavours .. but the "anything" part of it is that you dont get to choose the flavour for the can does not mention the flavour..! This would hopefully be a rather good lesson to the indecisive local population .. who might then decide on what they want and put a few brain cells into small decision making activities!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Man who changed my life

"So..what is the equation of xxxx" .. Mr Robert (pseudo name) looked around and landed his scrutinizing eye on the distracted me.. Startled, I looked up to face him and wondered what he had just asked.. Carol, sitting right next to me whispered.. "..F....m a.." ..That was all i could fathom.. I gulped and made the bold decision to answer him instead of asking him to repeat his question.. "erm..The equation is ..erm.. F = MA? " .. His face flushed in anger as he made his way to the front of the class and hit his head against the white board thrice.. The class fell into peels of laughter as I wished the earth would part and I could disappear that very moment.. "Raji.. how many times did i repeat in the past two hours.. SUMMATION F = MA .. NOT F = MA" ..

That was the day i made my royal entry into Mr Robert's bad books..From then i was the butt of his jokes.. Mr Robert was my class form teacher cum physics tutor.. He would ask "Raji, what would u want to become" .. "An Engineer" I would reply proudly.. "hahahahaah.. u ? engineer? look at your physics scores..Please dont dream" he would say sarcastically .. True, my results were not good at all but thats because I was not motivated enough to learn..

On parents-teachers' day at the end of my first year in junior college.. he told my dad..i would never make it.. I may not make it through my A-levels with my attitude and poor results. I had never seen my father more disappointed; I used to be a studious pupil in previous years..That year, I had been playful ..

But the beginning of my second year brought me a new resolution.. I hated Mr Robert then and I would do anything to prove him wrong. My resolution was to prove him wrong. That year was a turning point in my life when I began working very hard and concentrating on nothing but my studies, and dance. Dance gave me the exercise i needed to improve my concentration. Slowly but steadily my E grades turned into A grades, and I excelled in my A-levels. On receiving the letter of admission, I went proudly to Mr Robert "I got admission into NUS engineering faculty. I am going to be an engineer" .. The smirk that I expected would leave his face remained as he said "Raji dear, you are going to be competing with the best students locally and abroad.. I doubt you will make it through all four years" ..

That challenged me further to prove him wrong.. I had to survive and had to survive well.. I challenged him that I would make it and promised to appear in front of him the very day I am presented my scroll ..my degree certificate... My excitement and anticipation grows as i wait for my commencement eagerly.. hungrily.. for it would take me back to my teacher with my scroll and an offer letter from a company... Like a silly child I would enjoy the challenge that I have won for myself.. that did good to me...process that allowed me to rediscover my inner strengths and weaknesses..

I owe this success to him.. the Man who changed my life.. for if not for him.. I would have never been where I am today.......

Thank you sir!