Friday, April 27, 2007

Need a moral boost?

A man sets out to climb the Mount Everest. His aim was to reach the peak and set his country's flag. Close to reaching the tip, he tripped and tumbled several metres down. Due to injuries, he had to return, unsuccessful.

When interviewed, he was asked what he gained by trying to climb the mountain and failed in the end.. if he thought his efforts were of waste.. and his reply was that compared to men who dint try, or men who tried and reached the top, he had gained the experience of failing. He had learnt the meaning and the pain of a fall, that would allow him to avoid such falls the next time. And this was solely experienced only by him ...he who failed.

Friends! Also remember that every incident in our lives hold extreme significance. Even negative incidents have something to be learnt from ..

Yet another man who lived in a village of farmers, owned a huge farm. One day, a herd of wild horses passed by his fields, and grazed on them while he was out of town. He lost all the plantation he had grown for months in a matter of hours. The other villagers pitied his situation and told him how sorry they were that this happened.. and the farmer replied "Dont be sorry, everything happens for the best!".

He began rearing those wild horses and soon he owned a stable. He rented the horses out to rich men and made lots more money than he made out of selling what he grew in his farm. The villagers envied him and told him how lucky he was. And he said "Not so soon my friends. You never know! "..

That evening, his son rode on one of the horses and due to some unfortunate mishap, fell from the horse and had a major injury.. Yet, the farmer was steadfast in his belief that even that happened for the best of reasons. A week later, the government of the country the village belonged to instructed all young men to join the army to fight a war and the farmer's son who was badly injured was excused.. :)

So, always stay positive. Jobless? (like me?).. Uncertain of your future? Lost a job? Screwed up results? No worries! Its all happening for the best!!

oh well..i needed this boost myself!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thanks to one and all who got me thru!

Yes, this semester was indeed an unforgettably, unbelievably, insurmountably, unjustifiably ACADEMICALLY CRAZY SEMESTER. Trust me..

However, I really could not have done all of these without the help of my dear friends:

Friends who..

- Bought me lunches and dinners and drinks for me because I had no time for those
- Offered locker unable to bear the sight of me carrying my heavy laptop and huge toolboxes around
-Carried around my laptop half the time scared that I might either fall or drop my laptop
-Print notes for me along with his for the module we took together (for every single class)
-Listened to me whine
-Sat thru hours with me while I nervously waited to present my FYP and said some kind encouraging words that kept me going
-Bore with me not contributing much to group projects till I had a bit of breathing time that allowed me to put the project aside till I finished other work.

-Did the same FYP as me last year and offered to meet up with me just to reassure and tell me I did a good job.
-Gave me place in her room to bunk in
-Gave me 1001 wake up calls

Thank you guys so much! I would not have made it without you :)