Monday, April 10, 2006

Adventures in Germany... Part 2

First and foremost, I have to apologise from the bottom of my heart for updating my blog so irregularly. I was not having internet access at home till last week and was unable to do all this in my office due to firewall. From now on, I will religiously update my blog..and this is a promise!!

And so, we left off with me in Stuttgart, being taken care of by my friend. Well, the very next day I left Stuttgart after having lunch at a Chinese restaurant(where of course the food had so much European touch that it dint taste chinese at all!!!!).

The next day was new year. I had never felt worse in my life. There was not one person on the streets, no sweet, excited voices of young children clad in new clothes.. no anything.. It was just so different for me. I went to the phone booth and called my parents to wish them. It was a really short call though I yearned to speak more. I had also called my dance friends who had all assembled at one person's house to celebrate. I could hardly talk, just had tears in my eyes. Why on earth was I here? Miles away from home? Yearning to be happy but finding no means to.. Everything was a barrier.. the weather, the language, the people.. There was no friendliness..there was no happiness..

I did not want to go back to the huge house and stare at the ceiling the whole of new year. I had a laptop, but no internet and no adaptor for the battery. All plugpoints in germany were 2 pin. I decided to just walk around the estate. There was pin drop silence. No evidence of life..No birds chirping.. no life absolute. Everything looked so white and eerie.. Snow everywhere. I should have been excited to see snow for the first time, but I wasnt.

My cousin had given me the number of his friend who stayed in Schwardz Wald (Black forest). I had tried calling the number several times, but in vain. Everything was just so dull. I walked my way back home and right outside my house, two small sweet girls were playing with fire crackers. It took me just a while to realise they were the grand children of my house owner. Not being able to resist my temptation in taking part in their fun, I joined them and in a while they were my first friends in Germany, Yara and Leya. Sweet and adorable.

Oma, on seeing me with the kids invited me home for lunch. I had lunch with Oma, Opa, their daughter, son in law and their two children. Nice, family lunch where there was constant chit chatter and laughter and happiness. For once, I felt that Germany was after all not devoid of love!! And for the first time after reaching I was happy. We spent the whole day together and I only went down to my part of the house to sleep!! The next day, my internship was to begin....

.................To be continued............